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Thank you for checking us out online! At GBC we share and understand your frustration with Insurance Companies.

Initially we began our journey into Group Benefits, as do most brokers, by making contact with as many insurance companies as possible for all of our clients.

Every year, it seemed we would go back at renewal time, and tell our clients the same story. ”You have an increase again this year”, we would say.

Governments are downloading costs onto the private sector, Health Care inflation is much higher than regular inflation.

However what became apparent to us after 2 or 3 years of this, that there was only some truth to this, and that the insurance carriers were charging up to 32% to administer our clients Health and Dental, they were using figures around 15% for health care inflation and 10% for dental increases annually.

In our search for value for our clients, we discovered a supplier who would supply current software that would allow Gilbert Benefit Consulting to duplicate the Insurance companies’ ability to manage and adjudicate claims.

For over 12 years now we have been doing exactly that. We have the ability to duplicate any and all existing plans. Produce drug cards, do electronic dental claims, and improve turnaround time and the level of service my clients had been receiving all with a significant reduction in price.

We specialize in designing and customizing benefits plans for groups of all sizes. We have virtually every product and solution available in today’s market, and the ability and agility to bring real time solutions.

This we believe is what an Employee Benefit Specialist should do.

LifeWorks Employment Assistance Program (EAP)

LifeWorks EAP provides simple and convenient access to your employee and family assistance program services. Put the power of your LifeWorks EAP in the palm of your hand! Simply enter in your company code and have instant access to your EAP services, tip sheets, live counsellors and messages/newsletters from LifeWorks.

Download more details about the LifeWorks program (PDF)

LifeWorks EAP is free to download on your mobile device. Its available on your iOS, Blackberry and Android devices.

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WorldCare ACCESS (Remote Second Opinion Service)

WorldCare offers physician-referred, patient-specific, second opinion e-consultation (telemedicine) for serious illness.

This comprehensive service includes:
A high-quality multi-disciplinary remote second opinion which consists of diagnosis confirmation,treatment recommendations and answers to your questions from specialists from a WorldCare Consortium ® top-ranked U.S. hospital... 

Click here to read more on WorldCare ACCESS

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