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Health & Dental Premiums Go into a Trust Account

No - Once your premium has been paid, conventional carriers will keep your premiums Yes - Your premiums go into a trust account and any unused premium is money in your pocket.

Cost Plus Feature

Yes - However with a conventional carrier you are required to send a cheque in from your corporation at the time of making a claim. After the claim is processed and your corporate cheque clears they will write you a cheque. At least 1 month turnaround time. Yes - All business owners that are self-insured through Gilbert Benefit Consulting are offered and have the option to provide employees, with the Cost Plus option which allows them to take tax free money out of their company for medical expenses not covered by the traditional plan. We process claims weekly so you will have your cheque or EFT transferring at most 5 days turnaround. We do not require a corporate cheque at the time of the transaction we will bill the corporation monthly for all cost plus expenses.

Premium Reduction / Premium Holidays

No - Conventional carriers do not offer premium holidays or rate reductions they will continue to charge the high price and profit from the high premium cost. Yes - Once your cash balance that is in your trust account, as mentioned in point 1, gets to be 3 months' worth of premiums we evaluate the file and decide if a rate reduction or premium holiday is the best fit for the company.

Private Owned Company

No - conventional carriers are generally publicly owned with a large number of employees, causing your company to just be a contract number to them. Technologically Advanced
  • Electronic Fund Transfers that deposit directly to employees bank accounts
  • Electronic Dental Claims Adjudication
  • Employees can access plan coverage and balance available for use on their account online
  • Great convenience for employees and the group administrator

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